An Exclusive Interview With The EarthCoin Team

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We caught up with the EarthCoin dev team, for this exclusive Bitcoin PR Buzz interview with the people behind EarthCoin. The revolutionary, unique vision behind EarthCoin is unveiled as the team bares all: from their own journeys in crypto, to Earthcoin’s partnerships with world changing NGOs, to finding inner peace, to the logic behind Earthcoin’s primary innovations, to the team’s vision of how disruptive cryptocurrencies will liberate us all, and change the world.

John – Dev team lead
Norb – Branding/design/PR
Wesley – Communications/Big Picture/FundManager

So – first and foremost, who are you guys and how did you meet?

Norb: I’m a young entrepreneur from Canada, have been in the design, media, branding, online marketing, and tech fields for 20 years.

To say that I’m a crypto enthusiast would be an understatement.

After doing well for myself with a few internal brands and product lines I started online many years ago, I decided to take the btc plunge in March/April of 2012 while looking for something new to put my efforts into (finally done lurking, went in big).

At first it was simply “I’m going to grab a few hundred btc, hold them, it looks interesting..” but within a short amount of time it turned into “I am on 9 exchanges, I own 14 alt-coins, I’m taking advantage of arbitrage, others pumps, not sleeping because the markets don’t close, buying and building bots everywhere for everything to automate stuff a bit, and slowly going from a creative media guy to absolute crypto daytrader gone wild.

Frankly it took over my life for a bit there as I have an ‘all or nothing’ approach to most things, and this rabbit hole just never ends.

It was only a matter of time before I championed most of this world, and needed a new challenge (I have money, can’t stare at charts forever to make more, need to be creative along with technical otherwise this is boring for me..), so I started to get involved in new coin launches and do some of their branding or enter into their design contests at bitcointalk – I haven’t taken on design clients since 2007/2008 since my own stuff took off so it felt funny but it was just to get networking and peel back even more layers of this world.

After noticing a thread at asking for a good marketing/branding person to partner up with their team, I looked at the opportunity as a blessing but was still naïve to what ‘launching a good coin meant’.

The dev lead John presented the coin to me in a Skype and we got to chatting, it was Dec 17th or so. After carefully reviewing needs and mocking up a quick plan of action, we decided it would be best to launch asap as we knew the market was about to become awash in new coins. We both underestimated who we just met and what our capabilities are, we were both just impressed by each others hustle and enthusiasm to make something big.

John has had the luxury of doing coin projects before this one so we had some foresight with how to brand, rollout, communicate, build quick, react to expectations, etc.

Even though I have years of agency experience and have looked after my own crazy spikes of activity with launching my product lines, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into or the amazing and parabolic speed of what a collective can achieve in such a short time. This is the dot com boom and affiliate marketing on crack.

We had to sacrifice a lot for the launch to happen when it did, just a few days before Christmas was going to hit the world, then boxing day, New Years, and everyone is tired and broke as of Jan 1st so this was quite the tall order on top of traditional crypto coin launch challenges.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that my team and John’s team couldn’t handle this alone and decided to bring in Wesley, who’s experience as a trader and fellow mega crypto enthusiast; make us a rather unique and special/powerful combination of foresight, creativity, problem solving, and seeing 10 steps ahead whenever possible.

Wesley: Norb is too kind, haha. I am a speck of sand that has had the privilege of managing a Private Fund for 13 years now and stumbled upon crypto-currencies from a friend of mine who wondered what a Bitcoin was, which at the time I could not tell him.

But I looked into it, and read and read and read. I have had three profound moments in my life, the first was the circumstance that led me to the position I maintain today, the second was meeting my wife and the third was crypto-currencies.

I had an anti-establishment personality from the start. I disagreed with how the World worked vehemently. I honed skills and disciplines that provided me tools to try to fight at what I perceived to be unfair in the beginning but it inevitably caused great pain, discomfort and humility. Playing against the system is usually not a way to become successful.

Something that did work for me though was that I had empathy. That I truly gave a shit about people’s well-being. I have never burned a bridge or done anyone wrong except to question the faceless institutions that lie, manipulate, steal and suppress billions of human beings through starvation, poverty and oppression.

This relentless desire to question authority or the way in which things were done is one of the main personality traits that I attribute to my successes. Questioning the status-quo, questioning conventional wisdom.

That along with having cajones made of steel. My early exploits in life conditioned me to manage risk a little better than others, or maybe just suppress the butterflies better haha.

Reading Satoshi’s white paper and understanding the true meaning of what was about to happen was one of the most epiphanic moments I have ever had. I committed a very large sum of money to Bitcoin having no doubt in my mind that someday they would surpass the price of Gold and theoretically many times that.

I spent months digging up research to support my thesis and to try to avoid sounding like a bafoon to clients and that is when I met Norb. I also spent months amassing my Bitcoins. It was a big step. Norb and I had similar passions, the common thread of interest was apparent after five minutes. Norb and I bounced ideas back and forth as to where this was all going and I believe we have a very profound perspective on the technology as a whole. It is humbling to have recognized this phenomenon, years ahead of most people and to now be in a position to perpetuate its adoption.

John: I am a software architect for a fortune 500.

I have been involved in software development for 30 years.

Naturally, with my love for technology, numbers, algos, problem solving, etc. I was attracted to the bitcoin tech rather early and have been going down this rabbit hole ever since.

After exploring the vast codebase and learning how the tech worked, I began to clone some of the codes and created a new flavor of coins.

I implemented an algorithm that creates random bonus blocks as an idea for one of them, which turned out to be quite successful and is used in another popular coin.

The idea of Earthcoin came to me as I wanted to create something that would have fast adoption and then actual use – vs the typical coin that most try to hoard for profit only.

So we implemented features such as the period of 1 year and coin payout based on the seasons. We also added regular two-weeks and 1 month bonus blocks to add fun and constant marketing opportunities to the miners. I was very lucky to meet Norb, he is a wonderful media pro and designer who has a great vision for our crypto coin.

Then we have Wesley who joined the team to be a voice, another leader, our longest term visionary who has years of trading and top level business experience behind him.

So – Tell us how much money you’ve made from bitcoin before starting all this?

Wesley: I had no doubt you were going to ask that question haha.

I thank Satoshi wherever he may be. He has allowed my team and me the privilege to take this technology to another level. To place it in the realm of reality and to build upon its perfectly simple algorithms, a future that is equally owned by everyone who participates. Satoshi, Cameron and Tyler don’t have much on me. 😉

John: No Comment (smile)

Norb: Same (smile)

Aha, so speaking of challenges, tell us a few you’ve had so far.

Norb: Hmmm, good question.

Having to actually launch and get adoption going to the point that miners and speculators want it bad enough so that our bounties were worth enough to get assets created, professionally, and fast.

That is, in my opinion, beauty and the beast. It’s beautiful because it’s self fulfilling. It means we have an internal inventory of coins that are considered our advertising budget, our development budget, our asset building budget, our partnership budget, our ‘insert need here’ budget. It’s a beast because if you don’t get the best of the best out of people, you’re just another coin, so they have to really love the idea as much as you do and be passionate about it.

Compiling the mega stream of info, assets, links, ideas, PM’s, skypes, critics concerns, fud, scammers, and creating a process for it all to get sequenced into something that makes sense when it comes out through publication and is made available to all. Also the revision process there after and passbacks with all of the above.

Educating people, from all walks, about the importance of the big picture. Not just the coin itself or profits. The technology, the bulletproof public ledger system, the accounting that cannot be fudged, the fact that this tech can be applied to anything from land ownership deeds to wills to storing small units of value that you can transfer anywhere, to anyone, anytime.

Educating them about our current system, about how much more advanced this system is and why. Educating them about things like fractional reserve lending, the differences with crypto, the reason crypto’s are vilified when fiat is not. It’s actually hard to even answer re how much intel one has to take in just get a few layers deep once they understand the trading aspect and making some money aspects..

Wesley: My biggest challenge so far has been trying to find an answer from anyone as to why paper money has value?

No one has really ever been asked that question I guess.

Seems kind of odd and funny to me considering everything we base our lives on revolves around its origins yet the question befuddles most people. In the end it comes down to a simple sentence from most people, “because someone said it does.” and they would be right.

Fiat is defined as a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort. I still wonder why the definition alone does not cause people to withdraw all of their money out of the bank and buy corn or something, but its not surprising because almost everyone assumes there is no other solution.

So the biggest challenge for me is education

The single most oppressive tool that has ever been forced upon humanity are fiat currencies. Always remember there is enough food on the planet to feed everyone, there are simply not enough US Dollars to buy that food in most cases.

The overseers of the currency would have you believe that there is no way to feed and manage the planet without the financial system we have today and they are right in a static frame of reference.

What they are not telling you is that if the system were to not be based on debt and leverage and financial wizardry and instead honor and integrity as with the technology behind crypto-currencies and EarthCoin, that cities and society would operate much differently allowing for us to easily feed and maintain society.

Everything would be structured completely opposite!

We would live within our means and not ship strawberries from Mexico to Alaska, we would find ways to grow them in the middle of winter in Alaska.

Studies would be completed on medicines that would help people instead of the investigation of patentable chemicals whose basis for value does not lie in the number of lives saved but instead on the atrocious regulatory framework and associated costs that promote public companies, and debt offerings.

Over-privileged children whose educations have been bought that end up in positions of power for the sake of continuing the fiat currency regime would never graduate high school – their legacy of paper money would not get them too far.

Instead true character and intellect and vision would be allowed to be discovered in an education system administered through crypto-currencies. The analogy is that somewhere in a town with no hydro on the continent of Africa there is a child with a gift to give humanity that will never be discovered because their society is not a part of the debt machine.

Another challenge through the development of EarthCoin is to be apolitical.

Contrary to what you might gather through implication, I only have one political perspective when it comes to addressing EarthCoin, unfortunately it is the basis for everything on the planet and that is simply that fractional reserve fiat currencies must be ended. I am aware this will affect religions, regimes, Governments, borders and just about everything in between. But the whole concept of a decentralized, deflationary currency is just that – it is void of human meddling.

John: On the coin and application side, there are several planned enhancements.

We constantly provide small fixes and checkpoints, to secure the blockchain of the coin. We provide iPhone/Android apps so people can check their balances in anytime on their device and or receive/send coins on the spot. We’re also taking on the challenge to set up a protocol for commerce to accept our coins easily and get USD or other currency, with no hassles.

After all – earthcoin is created for daily use, so we will make sure that accepting earthcoin for a shop will be as easy as 1-2-3 so the adoption process can be easily implemented and semi-automated.

What are some of the highlights to contrast the challenges?

Norb: Well, many of them are in correlation to the challenges actually.

As the mega stream of data came in, and I started to compile it all into a foundational brand, it slowly (ermm QUICKLY) started turning into things like our forum, it quickly attracted iphone and android developers, we’re looking at a earthcoinlocal type of service being developed, there’s physical earthcoin pins being sent to my house, there’s actually a forest being planted as one of our foundations.

Oh yeah, our foundations, even that is hard to keep up with – we have started a foundation that partners with reputable initiatives around the world that help earth in short. So far we’re planting a forest with TheGreenOrganisation, saving animals in Costa Rica with JaguarRescue, and was our first official partner.

Another cool highlight is actually seeing that a lot of the adoptability has been done by strong ambassadors that do an amazing job at self-policing and moderating the brand.

Rather uncommon when you see most of the market just shift to the newest launches and incentives for profit.

Though there are definitely skeptics and nervous hands as our crazy spike has been met with a sharp reversal on the first few exchanges we got listed on, there are many more that see our vision. Which is not 100% defined and cannot be as this industry shifts and changes too fast to be stubborn, but to still try our best to build real value in more ways than just to say we have a big marketcap or people bought into our virtual ipo (we didn’t/won’t do one). So that’s cool – very strong supporters despite the market, and it’s only 20 days old.

I should say that again – it’s twenty days old. In twenty days we have hundreds of assets, 1000’s of supporters, an amazing community, are currently winning contests and polls on bitcointalk for various things, and we feel it stems from the strong foundation that was set with the branding and previous experience from John’s journey to help guide expectations.

Wesley: A highlight? How about accomplishing like Norb said, what Bitcoin did in 2 years we accomplished in 20 days.

Our dev team cannot take all the credit for that because the proliferation of information has been occurring thanks to mainstream media and the branding of EarthCoin has found a common thread amongst everyone who participates. It is easy to relate to and can mean everything to everyone.

It has been such a humbling experience for me to hear about a student body in Italy representing thousands of minds that is somehow trying to figure out how to integrate EarthCoin into their daily businesses and academic routines.

Our supporters in China created Chinese mirror images of our websites and have been nothing short of inspiring by constantly keeping in touch with us regarding the positive perception of EarthCoin in their Country.

I stay in touch on the forums as much as I can to promote awareness but I get caught up reading how we have had such a profound impact on people’s lives all over the World in only a few weeks time. I cannot even imagine years from now. As the community grows larger, our team grows smaller by comparison of content creation.

John: Again our biggest challenge is to make it very easy for people to use the coin. This includes digital wallets everywhere (mobile devices, laptop, online etc), and a payment system, that commerce can accept earthcoins and get their local currencies easier. So seeing that we are now included in coinpayments gateway, and the fact that we are also building out our own – is a big highlight for me.


Why did you name it EarthCoin?

John: I wanted to package the maths and adoption curve around us and our planet. So I figured it would be neat if by the time full adoption happens, there is enough coins to enable each person on the planet to have two coins. I know that won’t happen, it will be in the hands of a few but world population, the way the earth spins, seasons, annual resets, are all matched up with the coins variables. Some might say it’s just a cool way to twist the numbers, however the combination of maths and time is extremely important to me, and this combination was set after seeing what my other projects did in the marketplace.

Norb: I didn’t name it, John did, when I was invited in, I had an ‘opinion’ but the coin was already done and a lot of thought went into how he packaged it.

It took me a bit to be open minded enough to simply accept ‘earthcoin’ and run with it. I wanted to initially rip it apart and start over with him so we can do a proper branding treatment right from the get go, but in retrospect I’m glad we didn’t touch it,

John has done this enough to know what might work best vs my ‘opinion’. It’s broad, beautiful, inviting, not intimidating, natural, not exclusive, and has no real barrier like most crypto’s.

One of my associates said something cool when I was telling him about this recently, something like “Yeah good stuff, it’s friendly, when people hear bitcoin, it sounds scary, techy… When people hear earthcoin, it sounds interesting, safe, easier to start peeling back layers when someone asks ‘what’s that?’.

Wesley: I knew right away EarthCoin was the coin I wanted to be a part of.

The whole underlying reason of why I became involved with crypto-currencies was to make things different. To change the way things go. The reward I have been given came as a result of this belief.

One can easily say I made the bet of a lifetime simply because I wanted to profit but the truth is when I made the bet I, it was out of a belief in the technology and a clear vision that this phenomenon last occurred over 3000 years ago with the advent of standardized Gold. It changed how collective work efforts and rule were achieved leading to things like The Pyramids or the Great Wall of China.

Although these works are deeply rooted in slave labor, the slave labor was a result of the ruling classes holdings in Gold and therefore power.

I try to look out 50 years and envision the ruling class of the Earth being all of us, decentralized, individually empowered, is there a better name for EarthCoin?

Are there any plans to try to get this onto other major exchanges?

Norb: Yes, we’re doing our best to get listed with any and all the majors, however we have no control over when/how, and to date have not had any forewarning or heads up – we just pop up and often the team doesn’t find out that we’ve been added to a new exchange until we read it in our own thread on bitcointalk. Kinda crazy, that part of it, exchanges can make or break you and you don’t know when why or how you’re going to be listed.

Wesley: I have absolutely no ambition to end up on any exchange and believe in the natural progression of events.

If the coin is viable and the community is strong then there are no plans necessary to end up on a major exchange. It will naturally end up there. Forcing adoption is the same model of forcing people to accept paper money or face imprisonment. It would bring awareness quicker but to be honest after three weeks the coin is building the strongest base I have ever seen. Although not in market cap due to its relative birth, definitely in daily trading volume.

John: Yes exchanges are an important part of the coin. Cryptsy just listed us, and we also aim to be on other majors such as btc38, btc-e etc.

Ok so back to the coin, what are some other notable features?

Wesley: There are features that we have integrated that try to mimic seasonality and human characteristics of behavior and productivity through out the year. It is no secret that we are creatures of habit and so we wanted to link the currency as closely as possible to those inherent instincts. To be variable but also cyclical.

John: Notable features are: (1) coin payout follows the season pattern (in Spring it will have the highest payout, autumn the lowest) (2) regular bonus payout days – double payout every 2 weeks, and 5 times payout each month (3) faster transactions.

Norb: It’s got one of the fastest transaction speeds. In my most recent tests, I was in our IRC channel and called on 5-6 people from different regions and we did a live speed test asking people to post ‘now’ or ‘got it’ when they received their earthcoins on their machines, and we would type ‘sent’ the moment we sent. In almost every single case the coins showed up literally <1second. India was <5seconds.

The way the mining works is pretty cool, based on a sine curve it fluctuates both decreasing and increasing block size every three months, just like seasons on earth. It also has x2 days (rainy days), and x5 days (storms) where miners receive x2 and x5 coins when mining during those days.

You say you don’t have a business plan because the industry moves too fast, do you have an endgame or goal you still envision despite how many different route changes you might have to make to get there?

Norb: Great question, I’ll let Wesley take this one as he’s our longest term visionary in my opinion and he is also writing out our 1 and 2 year overall plans, projections, checkpoints, etc.

Wesley: I had a friend tell me once while he reminisced of the past how we were completely opposite in a sense, because I reminisced of the future!

It has been my job for over 13 years now.

I run into a lot of opinions and commentary but one thing I learned early on is that no one had a projection or vision, just a static frame of reference with which to look back on, so I did it different.

I present thoughts and then take those thoughts through to conclusion and EarthCoin is no different. A goal I envision, yes you could say that.

Corruption is the biggest cause of human suffering on the planet. It cannot be disputed. I do not want to cite example after example, you have heard of them your entire life.

Aid that never gets to Africa, Haitian Food Programs being traded for weapons, infamous cases like Ethiopia, on and on and on… Don’t forget about people in your community in need of assistance.

In developed nations there is giving but this charity rarely reaches its intended target. It is dwindled and siphoned off through salaries, administrative costs and bureaucratic red-tape, all of which is necessary to try to prevent the corruption! It is simply idiotic from our perspective but we have the luxury of foresight.

Millions and millions of volunteers all over the World work tirelessly everyday to help others, their efforts are gallant and humbling and inspiring. But their efforts are administered through a mechanism of centralized control that at its heart has limitations due to the inherent short-comings of human behavior.

Administrators supervising employees on the administrative side, volunteers supervising volunteers on the charitable side, and Government trying to supervising politicians, opportunists, militias or leaders on the receiving end, all in the pursuit to minimize the corruption. We are told it is just the way things are and they way they have to be controlled in order for the aid to reach its target, and up until now they have been right.

The system is not evil. The system worked exactly as it should through a centralized policing mechanism to try to reduce fraud and corruption to the lowest possible limits. It has worked somewhat successfully for over one hundred years in its present form, but unfortunately with dwindling success.

Inevitably corruption, cynicism and rot have eroded almost all of its early merits.

Who polices the centralized control? Do not get the wrong idea, we did the best we could with the tools we had available at the time and built upon that foundation for the World we have today.

The simple fact of matter is that there is now a better way.

Cryptographic Currencies, namely EarthCoin, a creation out of necessity that superlatives fall short of describing, an astounding advancement in human evolution that allows us to remove the human condition from the regulation of the money supply.

A system that virtually ends corruption and rot, minimizes red-tape and administrative burdens. A system broad in its reach in that it connects each and every one of us and values our participation for which with out it, it would be valueless…

There has never been a mechanism until now whereby a store of value could be maintained through a decentralized mechanism and its proof of authenticity verified through a perfect solution.

Not to knock the system of paper money because we are running our laptops on the energy that has been created though that financial system but while you are on your computer, Google how paper money came into existence in the United States.

It was not too long ago that paper money’s decree was issued under the threat of imprisonment if you decided to operate differently or not accept it. If history has taught us anything it is that freedom will find a way, nothing can survive under the threat of force forever.

Google and Facebook are the two most powerful information technologies mankind has ever witnessed. They have recently embarked on an ambitious project to connect the entire planet through advanced telecommunications such that everyone on Earth has access to either of their platforms. Google and Facebook are an invention out of necessity as well, mankind’s never ending desire to be connected, to be aware, to be free.

So an endgame, yes. When Google and Facebook team up to provide connectivity to everyone on the planet who does not have it already through computer networks or cell phones, I would like to be able to send money with pin point accuracy with EarthCoin to someone in need somewhere on the planet without an intermediary or boundaries or administration or red-tape and have them be able to use the credits we call EarthCoins for local goods and services.

It is a very long term vision.

Can you imagine providing relief for someone anywhere on the planet in seconds, skirting around oppressive regimes or militias, ending fraud and corruption and wasteful costs and delivering the credits to a single individual with a cell phone, I can.

That is my end game.

Google and Facebook may be large companies but they are miniscule when it comes to the collective ideology of a cryptocurrency that can unite us all.

It sounds far fetched, and I would have to agree with you, but you asked me the question. You would be more realistically answered if you asked the collective of EarthCoin believers what their end game is.

The solution to this ideology lies in their passions and efforts together. Your inbox would fill up with thousands of upon thousands of end games, paths and disciplines. The problem is actually quite simple to solve because I do not have to solve it myself. Each and everyday that EarthCoin operates soundly we develop faith and belief amongst our user base and we did not have to threaten people with jail. I like to call the whole of the technology perfectly simple.

Are you guys having fun or has this turned into more of a job?

Norb: For me it’s turned into somewhat of an addiction, watching our baby grow and trying to nurture it and watch the collective do the same.

It’s definitely hard exhausting work when you do it right and it takes off on you. Won’t be something I’ll ever do again but yes I’m enjoying the good people I’m meeting most of all actually. The money is a cool side effect of a powerful routine that you do every day. Passing that on to the rest of the people involved has been fun to watch as well.

We tried hard to set a high standard for communication, deployment of assets, quality control, etc. And even though we are fumbling our way through certain things as resources internally don’t match the constant data flow being created by everyone, we’re glad to have this problem, it means it is working, and working very well.

I’m also enjoying seeing people wake up to our system, starting to understand the way current money works, how it’s printed and distributed with interest and loses value by the second, anyway that’s another convo, just think it’s great that crypto’s in general act as an amazing proxy to what and how this whole world is setup on (debt slavery) and the people that are behind it all.

Wesley: I believe Bitcoins will hit a $100 Billion market cap this year and in 5 years $500 Billion, consuming VISA, Mastercard and Western Union style businesses possibly reaching a value of $40,000USD a piece, toppling Governments and imploding debt burdened societies such as what Turkey is going through right now.

In saying that I could have easily left all of my funds in BTC’s and I have done that with some, however after the team was assembled and I recognized the impact we were going to have with EarthCoin, fun is an understatement.

I am addicted.

Making large sums of money can sometimes come with emptiness, like OK I have done that, now what?

I bet you are laughing no doubt but it is true.

To be a part of this concept and to have a Wikipedia page whose history is not yet written is simply exhilarating. I believe fate will come to us, I believe in what we are doing.

John: Yes this is a wonderful experience and I am really enjoying it. Sometimes it can be demanding work, like to fix random issues asap or address people’s problems, but it is very interesting and far from a job.

How are you guys going about merchant adoption?

Norb: We’ve done both go out there and recruit them on our own, have had merchants approach us, and now have been added to crypto currency payment gateway.

They basically have a huge inventory of vendors that have implemented their payment system which accepts a plethora of the top crypto’s on the market. The merchant list they have attracted, combined with ours, is going to both speedline adoption by merchants and attract others I’m sure.

Recruiting and relationship building manually offline is a big asset for us as we’re aware it’s just a matter of time before crypto’s and payments for everyday goods is going to be the hottest thing since the dot com bubble.

Wesley: Norb has been doing a lot with respect to this side of the equation because it leads to visibility. However in my opinion it also provides an unnatural market force, albeit necessary.

The sell side of a new coin is already populated. Because it is a new coin and cannot be used as a direct form of payment for goods and services miners accrue volume, merchants accrue volume and speculators accrue volume. They only have one option and that is to sell the coin on an exchange to hopefully convert back to fiat money for daily expenses.

My job has been to adopt specific businesses whereby we balance out the sell side by providing our sellers a different pathway to pay for their needed goods and services instead of selling on exchange. Norb has been focused on visibility and John and I have been trying to focus on businesses that would provide a good or service for the largest demographic of sellers.

Since crypto-currencies are a true market mechanism, not the fake true-market mechanism that exists in markets today, balance must be maintained when applying efforts at the beginning of its life. Over time this of course is mitigated through its adoption.

John: We will set up a protocol and detailed process for commerce to use earthcoin. We will automate certain processes to make it very easy for them to adopt and implement into their existing systems.

If you guys could ask for one thing right now what would it be?

Norb: Sleep, lot’s of good sleep :), I would ask that the community support us more on the proactive side vs reporting side. Get out there and educate people, give them our links, show them our videos, talk to them and expect resistance/have a planned response and plant those seeds.

If we’re allowed to be dreamy, then I would ask to be added to within x months, that’s still my hub for big/fast trading.

Wesley: Patience. Patience for myself to bite my tongue on the message boards which wastes valuable time that can be used for sleeping haha.

My vision does not necessarily constitute other people’s vision and I must be more aware of this as my involvement begins to be diluted with respect to the growing size of the community.

John: I’d say patience too. We’ve been doing a great job in a short period of time. We need to build more adoptions from shops, services, games, etc. It takes time for this to happen, we are on a right track, we just need to execute it correctly.

So you have no plans on launching more coins?

Norb: I can’t speak for the team, but heck no. This is an amazing challenge, a huge adventure that I feel you should do once, properly, and you’ll never have to do it again. There is so much that goes into this, it’s a logistical nightmare, I’ve pulled more all nighters from this than any college phase or trading binge.

Wesley: For me no. That is not going to happen. In my opinion there can and probably will be a million brands for alt-coins but they are all copies of one another including EarthCoin. I believe in identifying an opportunity and committing 100% and performing better than anyone else has ever done. There is no better platform to achieve such a wide adoption than EarthCoin.

John: No, the earthcoin project has taken a lot of time and a lot out of each of us. We are committed to make it a great success and not divert to other coins.

Any last words?

Norb: Want to say a huge thank you to the world.

To the supporters that were there from day one and that will continue to be there even if we 10 fold in value from here.

Also a huge thank you to the internal teams. All three of us have our own teams so we want to acknowledge that this could never have been achieved without our amazing confident top level, and all the way down to the guy/girl that has 1 or .1 eac, you are all a part of something special.

To those that are reading this and or hearing about us for the first time – what can you do? I would recommend you go to, install the wallet, and head over to to get interactive with our community. You actually get free earthcoins just for participating (one of our adoption promos). Get involved, peel back a few layers and you’ll see that what we are doing is instinctually attractive because we all have a deep rooted need to be connected and at peace, with the world.

Wesley: Yes there are a lot of people behind the scenes from group moderators to political advisors who advise us how to remain apolitical haha.

Our goal is to be a tool for trade, not to hug trees, promote specific agendas or politics although sometimes the line does get blurred. With out the collective group effort there is no way this idea would have come to life. One small group of people could never achieve sustainability and adoption of a global trade vehicle.

The 1,000 people who maintain our current fiat products and vehicles, along with their millions of industry supporters, are finding out that even their days are numbered. The only reason EarthCoin has value and will continue to grow in value is because more and more people can identify with it and believe, through practical application, that it can in fact retain a store of value.

I want to remind the community that EarthCoin can be anything to anyone, it is simply a tool to send credits to anyone, anywhere. Whether you identify through this mechanism a humanitarian tool, a retail tool or a capitalistic tool, that is your EarthCoin given right. If you don’t have any yet or are on the fence, I would say go get some and spread the word to others to do the same, it’s NOT just a coin anymore, it’s a revolution.

John: I also want to say a huge thank you to all involved both now and new comers that are introduced to this great adventure through this article. We knew this was going to have success however were not prepared for the humbling experience and positive rollercoaster this has set us on in such a short period of time. So thank you again and we look forward to your continued interest in our special journey. Thank you!

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