Before BitPay – Bitcoin Embracing Company Microtronix ESolutions Thrives in Current Economic Climate

Worldwide: Microtronix ESolutions was founded by Joel DeVenney 11 years ago as a web services company; quickly entering the web hosting market shortly afterwards. Just after bitcoin’s emergence Microtronix ESolutions embraced the global internet currency experiencing great success:  now servicing over 200 clients in 12 countries with 2 offices in Guatemala and Toledo, Ohio. Microtronix Esolutions’ hosting services can be seen at

Mictrotronix ESolutions and Bitcoin The web services company was the first company in history to offer online bitcoin purchases automatically. Before BitPay, Joel DeVenney and his team created an application which allowed bitcoin purchases to be received automatically by Microtronix ESolutions, without any additional work required by the merchant receiving the payments. Microtronix ESolutions was one of the first companies to enter the bitcoin market, accepting payment for all of their services such as VPN’s, affordable web hosting and shared web hosting in bitcoin.

Another bitcoin service exclusively provided by Microtronix ESolutions is their bitcoin cloud wallet service. These server based wallets are $5 per month, allowing companies and individuals full security and access to their wallet from an internet connection anywhere in the world. Microtronix ESolutions is the only company offering this private cloud based bitcoin wallet service. More information about this exclusive cloud based bitcoin wallet can be found at

About Microtronix Esolutions:

In Joel DeVenney’s own words Microtronix ESolutions’ “motto has and always will be give people the best you can for the cheapest you can. At Microtronix we strive to give people the lowest possible price we can, very low margin and market for a sole purpose. The purpose being giving people the ability to have a web service, site or server without paying through the nose for it”

For more information about Microtronix Esolutions please contact:

Joel DeVenney

Worldwide phone number: 567-343-2971