Bitcoin Enthusiast Petitioning Online Football / Soccer League Game “ManagerLeague” to Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

About the ManagerLeague online game and Leo’s Bitcoin petition:

Leo, a passionate player of the online browser-based football game ManagerLeague is currently petitioning the game to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and is reaching out to the wider Bitcoin community to help make this happen.

The online browser-game ManagerLeague has just started its 100th online season. Since the launch of the game in September 2005, almost 1 000 000 people from over 180 countries have played the game. Today, there are 45 000 active players, and the earliest players have been with the game since launch. While the game is free to play, certain features require credits which can currently only be purchased with Paypal. Leo, a member of the Romanian League in the game, is a huge fan of both Bitcoin and ManagerLeague, and is petitioning ManagerLeague to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

The online game is the fastest free football manager game, with 2 matches each day from Monday to Friday, resulting in a season played every month. There are 32 national leagues, as well as one International League; where managers from all over the globe are fighting to win the title. The Champions League winner receives a real cup trophy at home, and each league and cup winner also receives a real diploma in the mail. Features include trainings, custom cups, training camps, friendlies matches, teamless players and more.

Currently, ManagerLeague players can only purchase credit in Paypal approved countries, limiting the potential user base of the game. In Leo’s own words, if Manager League accepts “purchase with Bitcoins, then virtually any manager from any country may buy these”. The other benefits of taking Bitcoin as a payment method include: no fraud and chargebacks, being seen as a tech savvy business, and the huge potential upside of being involved in this cutting edge decentralized cryptocurrency.

Leo is seeking support from the wider Bitcoin community to help ensure ManagerLeague becomes the first global online football game in the world to deal in Bitcoin. They could easily integrate BitPay into their existing shopping cart, and convert the Bitcoin directly into USD or their currency of choice if they wished.

If you are interested you can sign up for ManagerLeague here.

How you can help:

You can help by e-mailing ManagerLeague and recommending they accept Bitcoin as a payment method at: advertising(at)

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