Send Bitcoin Via Email To Friends And Family Even If They Do Not Have a Bitcoin Wallet: New Bitcoin Service MailACoin Launches

Worldwide This April Matt Edwards launched Bitcoin service which enables anyone, worldwide, to send Bitcoin to anyone else in the world, as long as the recipient has an email address. Matt was frustrated such a service did not already exist, so he created one.

MailACoin lets anyone send Bitcoin to any email address quickly and easily, even if the recipient does not currently have a Bitcoin wallet. To save time MailACoin also allows the sending of Bitcoin to multiple email addresses simultaneously. Bitcoin gifts can be tracked online and senders are automatically refunded their Bitcoins if the recipient does not claim the Bitcoin within one week. Email updates are also supplied so senders can track who has claimed their Bitcoin gift.

MailACoin is designed to be as user friendly as possible: creating a Bitcoin gift only takes a few seconds – no registration or lengthy sign up forms required. For the recipient too it is a very simple and straightforward process to claim the Bitcoin. A nominal fee of 0.3% is added to each gift to cover the Bitcoin network transaction costs.

In Matt’s own words, MailACoin was designed to enable anyone to send Bitcoin to someone else “as a gift, to help spread the word, and to make sure they would also enjoy some of the long-term growth in Bitcoin value that will (hopefully) take place over the next decade or two”. With Bitcoin adoption rates soaring worldwide many Bitcoin enthusiasts are looking for ways to introduce friends and family to Bitcoin in a user friendly way. MailACoin is definitely a solution. Now anyone can send Bitcoin to anyone else even if they do not yet have a BTC wallet, aiding in the adoption of Bitcoin worldwide and exposing ever more people to this disruptive technology.

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Contact: Matt Edwards


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